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Name: Omar Robinson aka Gorganus
Born November 30 1977 on the island of St. Kitts, in the Caribbean.

A member of St. Kitts’ first local rap group called X-Bass Clan, now known as Sound Core. The group was 10 members strong till the passing of our reggae/rap artist Tony-T (RIP). He was our leader and my best friend.

K.L.K gave me my first rap name of O.M.J (Omar Mac Juice) in the 90’s and we also had sessions at his mom’s house till we became recognized. Both K.L.K and I did a AIDS song for a radio DJ, performed with my father, Mick Stokes, who was one of St. Kitts’ most legendary calypso singers and number-one drummers on The track was called “Party” also featuring another female singer, and also did bring it back 2 with ATLs Alexxx, Our biggest gig was flying to St. Martin to enter a rap contest where we came in second place. The show opened for Soul for Real and had Chuck-D as a guest judge.

I’ve been rapping for a while but stopped due to the lack of push and support for almost 7 years until I met E_B_A where he said that I should pick it up again. I had so many doubts plus I was getting older and though what can I bring to the table. What I didn’t know was that E_B_A has been doing this for like 20 years and he took me under his wings where I grew and unleashed a sleeping giant. E_B_A himself is and amazing rapper/producer that I owe so much thanks for that. It’s like he took me back to O.M.J but I’ve grown now into GORGANUS!

My rap style is a touch of new school but mostly old school with an accent. It’s highly influenced by the true legends from the 80’s and 90’s, missing how rap was and crushing these wack mc’s with a verbal onslaught of lyrics. I feel the beat tells the story for me and the way I flow on the track. My influences in hip hop are Sean Price, Canibus, Slaughter House, Tech 9… man there’s so many to name.

I rap about things that happen in my life, fiction and storytelling, killing MC’s as well as pretty grown man rap to me the beat tell the story.

With my website that was blessed from E_B_A I am hoping to have people hear and be happy with finding something different that would take them back to real life situations and the good music that is missing from this generation.

Now I’m a part of the Bangyard Bullies and working on my first and last solo album, “The Underdog.” All of the music is going to be at the site for all to hear new and old so when I die I’ll still live on.


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    Nice site and the bio was interesting.

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    Very interesting BIO. Nice site!

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